Can Free Cooking Classes Bring
Spice to Your Life?

Yes, free cooking classes can be just the right recipe for adding a little creativity and class to your food, but lets consider how free cooking classes could spice up your whole life!

The vast variety of sights, sounds, scents, flavors, and textures of what you eat are endless…

Visualize the misty spray of a ripe navel orange as you first rip into its bumpy, vibrant peel and pale white pith, and Listen intently to its tune of parting Velcro. Deeply Breathe in the fresh, bright and floral aroma into your nose. Feel the slightly sticky juice run down your hands as you oh-so-carefully remove each perfect segment, and Savor its crisp, tangy sweetness bursting alive on your tongue.

Sounds good, huh? Sure does.

I’m confident you’d agree, though, that you don’t need a gourmet free cooking class or a professional chef to tell you all about the finer points of citrus...

...But that’s just one piece of fruit! We have an overwhelming abundance of fantastic food sensations awaiting us just inside that kitchen door. It's all there for our rich enjoyment, how fantastic is that??

"He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be otherwise." - Henry David Thoreau

Now consider the joy that comes with cooking alongside friends and family. Then, the warmth of sharing great food and drink together around the table. Finally, the fact that in an average lifetime, we’ll prepare and eat some 63,875 meals!!

Um, …Starting to get the picture? If not, I'll sum it up. ;)

Cooking, eating, and sharing are a fundamental group of activities that keep us healthy, happy and having fun throughout the whole of our lives. Some of us will spend most of our waking moments thinking about what’s on the menu for that next meal, how we'll prepare it, and who we'll share it with! If that's the case, Cheers!! For others though, food, how to cook it, and how to have fun doing so is a great mystery.

This is where I come in...

...Chef Karson's the name, food is my game. Think of me as your own personal Culinary Coach, Gourmet Guide and Cooking Class Instructor. To help you out on your food adventure and culinary quest, I've taken a storehouse of valuable knowledge from years of not free cooking classes at an accredited culinary school and intense fine dining restaurant experience and treated it like a superb stew of sorts...

Hand Picked prime ingredients. Nothing but the best info
Washed them clean. Nuff said!
Trimmed the fat away, removing useless steps
Simmered it all together slowly with years of experience
Seasoned it with my own personal flavor
Portioned it into palatable and digestable instructions
Garnished it with a little bit of color and style :D

...and VOILA!!!

Proudly presenting the informative, exciting and easy-to-follow...

Please, be my guest and take full advantage of these free cooking lessons that will help you along on your culinary adventure, from any starting point. Pretty soon you'll be searching out new food sensations all on your own, and finding ways that you too can share in the joy of cooking with others!

Bon Appetit!

P.S. Be sure to check back soon and stop in often as you'll no doubt be pleased to find new topics and areas of interest as the site grows. You can look forward to future free cooking class categories such as:

Low Carb Recipes and Techniques
Chef Gear Breakdown
BBQ Grilling Tips
Knife Skills
Recommended Cook Books
Culinary School Reviews
...and the list goes on...

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