Fun Cooking Classes for Kids

Cooking classes for kids create a fun and interactive learning environment that both you and your child can enjoy each day. By getting in the kitchen with your children and sharing these fun, easy cooking lessons, you…

  • Spend quality time with them
  • Challenge their creativity
  • Promote hands-on learning
  • Set a good example
  • Spark their curiosity
  • Satisfy their hunger
  • Imbue them with an invaluable skill
  • Give them a sense of accomplishment
  • Reward them with the final product
Every kid wants to be an adult, and they learn a lot by imitating our actions. If we’re the type that loves to cook, certainly our kids may very well be too!

Kids baking Even if you’re food illiterate, you too can have fun with your child in the kitchen, preparing delicious dishes that all can enjoy.

And don’t worry if your kid is not the “foodie” type...

...With a little coaxing, the right kind of motivation (sweets!), and with the help of my free cooking classes for kids your youngster could become the next epicurean extraordinaire. Take it from me…

"I like children, if they're properly cooked."
- W.C. Fields

When I began bringing my six year old daughter into the kitchen to help her appreciate the beauty of food more closely, and to develop ideas for these cooking classes for kids, her (preferred) diet consisted of hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly, fruit, noodles, white rice and soybeans. That’s it...

…But, with enough time and experience cooking she has begun to broadened out into the wild world of meatballs, enchiladas, empanadas, pizza , caesar salad, and many more fun foods.

Her skill and comfort level in the kitchen quickly rose too!

Little girl cooking

In the beginning, I started her off with easy tasks like peeling apples and crimping empanadas, then moving on to more difficult assignments like measuring out ingredients and making the empanada dough. Now, what was once a skittish kitchen mouse is a bold and fearless Sous Chef, tackling the best of kid recipes!

See for yourself here as she helps me breakdown and portion up a couple of whole pork butts for Chile Verde!

... That’s my girl!

"Clothes make the man."
- Mark Twain

Well, as in the quote above, the same is true for kids. Sometimes all you need to do to get them jumping into the kitchen action is to have them dress the part.

If you're going for the full effect of cooking classes for kids, be sure to pick up a little chef hat, kid's apron, and possibly even their own personal cooking supplies and tools. They're usually reasonably priced, available online, and fully customizable with a choice of materials, patterns, and embroidery options.

There's no better way to have little miss/mr. Sous Chef jazzed up about another cool cooking lesson.

Be careful when ordering though. Many sites selling kid's chef coats only offer them in 100% Polyester. These coats are durable and suited perfectly for messy kids (is there any other kind?), but can be a bit uncomfortable and stiff/scratchy. If you child is sensitive to what she wears, like mine, pick out a good poly/cotton blend coat, or better yet a 100% cotton apron. These allow for more flexibility and comfort and still provide enough protection from flying food...

...and before hurrying off to pick up the perfect ensemble for your child, make sure the online store has a good return policy, no minimum quantity, and watch out for restocking fees!

Believe me when I say, you're heart will simply melt when you see your child all done up in his chef gear, covered in flour and grinning ear to ear over a pan of cinnamon rolls he just made!

Can you say Kodak moment? :)

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