Cooking Classes for Teens and Teen Recipes

It's no secret that teens need and love to eat! Getting them involved in cooking classes for teens and using these easy recipes opens the door to greater independence, satisfies their hunger needs and has them pitching in to help you out when you need it most.

We're all very busy these days, and teens are no exception. I'm a professional chef and hardly have the time to prepare dinner for myself!

By learning maybe just one or two of these easy teen recipes, your growing child will not only be helping you out, but it just might lead them down a path that has many, many different adventurous avenues branching off of it.

Teen Cooking For example, like in this picture, my culinary career started right there at home, working in the kitchen with Mom, doing the daily dinner routine, at a very young age.

I really started to take to cooking, though, in my teens, when I became more confident and independent in the kitchen.

By that time, I had a good base of teen recipes that were doable for me and had begun making dinner over at friends' houses for their parents.

It became a good way for me to try out my skills and make a little money ta' boot!

What's that? But you haven't had much time with your teen cooking together in the kitchen, and you're worried that they'll end up just living off of microwave corndogs and tater tots the rest of their lives?

Don't fret, these free cooking classes for teens are designed to start them off with simple, approachable meals.

The five star, four course meals come later... :D

“A baby-sitter is a teenager who gets two dollars an hour to eat five dollars' worth of your food.” - Henny Youngman

The recipes I've chose to be featured here in the cooking classes for teens section of this site are defined by these traits
  • Not requiring a lot of time to prepare
  • Geared towards the oven for ease of use and safety
  • Made using only a few dishes or even a single pot!
  • Tasty, wholesome and satisfying meals that growing teens need
  • Usually consisting of ingredients one would normally find around the house

To kick these teen recipes off, we have a delightful meatloaf recipe. Or, how about having them prepare baked potatoes for an easy dinner or simple midday meal?

Check back soon for more helpful tips and advice!

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