Gourmet Cooking Classes: Top 10 Fine Dining Secrets

These days everyone wants to be a big-time chef, or at least cook like one! My gourmet cooking classes deliver 10 Michelin Star secrets that will instantly enhance your culinary prowess.

Before getting to those gourmet cooking classes right away, though. First allow me to describe a typical scene in the fine dining restaurant world. . .

. . .In the kitchen there is a legion of cooks, all hustling and bustling about, busy slicing, searing, sweating, scraping, sautéing, scrubbing, seasoning and saucing. The erratic rhythms of chopping knives, clanging pots, bubbling stocks, sizzling steaks and buzzing blenders dance harmoniously along the backdrop of the hood vent’s dull roar and the tense, murmured expressions of each industrious would-be-chef-extraordinaire.

"Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art..." - Marcel Boulestin

Commercial Kitchen The air is hot and humid, rich with the fragrance of cooking meat, roasting stock bones and hand picked, chopped herbs.

The line cooks are each frantically juggling ten or twelve pans on the stoves and in the ovens, their prep boards are covered with many tasks in differing stages of completion. The first impression is complete disarray.

The pantry, Garde Manager, station has cooks peeling, slicing and intricately carving various vegetables and fruits. One of them has laboriously been separating hundreds of quail egg yolks from whites and returning them to the shell.

Another is slicing frozen baguettes as thin as humanly possible on a clean meat slicer so he can bend and toast them, making edible rings to stuff bouquets of salad into.

The chef checks his watch, an hour and a half till service. Family meal is just being served to all the staff, front and back. The tension in the air thickens as time peels away and cooks are scrambling to get ready for the coming onslaught of customers. One of the salad guys is behind and begins to panic because he isn't ready...

...He’s going to be in for a rough day if he doesn’t get a jump on the mosaic beet salad, each multicolored beet tile part of a beautiful checkerboard of food. Each piece has to be perfectly cooked, cut and arranged before the orders come in.

Realizing that if he doesn’t get set, the delay could snowball and affect orders all the way to dessert course. Not good. He calls for help and a sous chef breaks off his current project to rescue the budding cook that’s got himself “in the weeds”. . . but not until after a few not-so-kind words.

(I bet he wishes he read up on my free gourmet cooking classes now!)

This is just a snapshot of what it's like behind the scenes.

"Don't reinvent the wheel, just realign it." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

I've been through the gauntlet of restaurants and gourmet cooking classes, came out the other side and went back through just for kicks and giggles. Learn from my experiences, trials, triumphs and tribulations.

The world-class restaurant arena is a tough one, mean too. Good for you, though, is the fact that I'm sooo nice and willing to share my time and weather tested ark of food knowledge with you. :D

Whether you are a looking for professional chef training or some good 'ole cooking tips, these gourmet cooking classes give any epicurean an insightful edge on the secrets of fine dining. Use just one, or implement many to put a classy touch on all of your food adventures!

Hey, you could even take the information loaded in these gourmet cooking classes and use it to enhance your dining-out experiences! The possibilities for the wealth of free information I'm passing along are endless.


Check out these juicy gourmet cooking classes that spill the beans on Fine Dining's Top 10 Most Valuable Secrets. [Under Construction]

    Table Setting
    Wine Pairing
    Ring Molds
    Plates & Space
    Make It Smaller
    The Cheese Course

Remember! If any one asks, you never knew me. ;)

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