Are You Enjoying Free Cooking Classes' Special Sauce?

If so, that makes me very happy. 😊 Coming together to share in eating, drinking and seeing good for our hard work is really a gift from above! Make sure to keep joining us for future classes and tell a friend or two so the Free Cooking Class Family continues to grow... The more the merrier, I always say!

However, if you feel inclined to show a little extra love, please feel welcome to drop a couple coins into the tip jar to help defray the costs associated with hosting these free lessons.  Every little bit is greatly appreciated.

With your kind support, my hope is to keep these free cooking classes live and online, served up fresh and delivered to your home each week for a long time to come. 

May the refreshing generosity you show return to you ten fold!

- Chef Matt           

"Cooking is the ultimate giving."
- Jamie Oliver